Women && Tech

An interview series created to share stories about smart women doing important things. The series aims to highlight and promote women in tech leaders in Toronto and beyond. As a small team of fearless and passionate volunteers, we've pledged to interview 50 women.

Along with a small team of volunteers I help design, coordinate volunteer efforts and strategize our goals for the project. Within the first three months of the project we received praise from the likes of Alexis Ohanian, cofounder of Reddit “WomenAndTech.com - I wholeheartedly approve of this message. Awesome. Now how do we New York this?", got over 20,000 unique visitors and 42,000 page views. Now, with two years under our belt we have built a Twitter community of over 5,000 followers and have over 800 newsletter subscribers. The contribution efforts have expanded beyond Toronto and we just recently featured our first interview that was conducted, edited and photographed by contributors in Seattle, WA.

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Women & Tech Overview

The Interviews

The interviews we conduct aim to highlight the achievements of women involved in the technology scene. We believe these women are a big deal, and we think you should know about them! Each interview is conducted over a casual conversation and a cup of coffee. Through this conversation we strive to bring out each person’s stories, goals and achievements. The interviewer is accompanied by a volunteer photographer who shoots the subject in a way that reflects their personality and then our team of editors tirelessly edit the interview. The design contributors edit the photography and source additional visuals while the dev team builds the interview. Each interview takes us up to 30 hours to complete. It is a serious labour of love and I wouldn't trade the experience for the world!

Women & Tech - Pearl Chen Interview

Photo Credit: Mauricio Calero

Women & Tech - Biying Miao Interview

Photo Credit: Amanda Huang

Web Design

The website was designed by the core group members of the project. The photographs are an integral part of the storytelling aspect of the site. Therefore, the site was designed to include full-width, impactful images.

Women & Tech Website Design

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