What I'm Made Of

What I’m Made Of is a feature documentary that shares the story of several transgender teens who are in the process of defining themselves and who they want to be. The project hopes to raise awareness, inspire new attitudes toward medical care for youth, and advance social justice.

This project is one that I am very proud to be involved in. I was approached by the producers of the documentary to help develop the beginnings of their brand and design and implement a one page website that would showcase their independent film. The brand had to be gender neutral and help strike the right tone for the film. The website had to be visually appealing and since it would at first lack imagery, the typography needed to shine. The design had to be compelling since it will be primarily used as a source for potential funders and partners for the project.

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What I'm Made Of Logo


The essence of the brand had to reflect feelings of authenticity, aspiration, inspiration and hope. Since the site would launch without any imagery the colours needed to be bold and the typography needed to be elegant and impactful. The primary colour is teal, a colour that is seen to represent trustworthiness and dependency and orange as the accent colour. The orange colour adds a pop of vibrancy and breaks up the use of teal and dark brown. The typography is a fine balance of serif and sans serif fonts. Playfair Display was included to bring a more stylized look to the section headings.

What I'm Made Of Logo
What I'm Made Of brand colours
What I'm Made Of fonts


I worked closely with the clients to identify the content categories they desired along with the best strategy for organizing show information. I visually communicated abstract concepts to generate feedback from the client.

What I'm Made of Wireframes in Axure
What I'm Made of Wireframes Prototype

Web Design

The website design had to impress the users since it served such an important role in the project. The content had to be delivered in a clear and concise way and not appear as though the one page site was just a long page of text. In order to break up the sections, I created full width colour backgrounds and applied distinct header and introduction styles.

What I'm Made Of Website Design

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