Weston Brain Institute

The Weston Brain Institute was established to accelerate the translation of scientific breakthroughs into safe and effective therapies while using a fast and innovative granting process to provide support to researchers.

The Weston Brain Institute was established as a new Canadian granting agency to address the existing translational funding gap in neurodegenerative research of the aging population. Their goal is to speed up the development of therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases of aging and encourage innovation in the granting process. The client asked us to create a website and a brand for them that would evoke their passion and speak to the cause they are campaigning for. This project was created through ecentricarts inc..

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Weston Brain Institute Logo


The logo was inspired by the brain cell nuclei which plays a role in the function of the memory. Since the Weston Brain Institute focuses it’s grants on studies involving neurodegenerative diseases the icon seemed fitting. The colour palette was determined in an exercise with the client. They had a preference for the coral colour and our task was to find a palette that would work with it. Since the Weston family uses a royal blue for their namesake foundation it was out of the question. Purple was proposed as it is a rich, emotional and wise colour.

Weston Brain Institute Logo
Weston Brain Institute Logo Sketches
Weston Brain Institute Colours

Web Design

It was understood that the website would help establish the Institute and inform the users of it's goals. Therefore, the site structure had to be easy to navigate and the language used on the site had to be straight forward. We had to make use of the bright colour palette in a way that was both professional and modern. The purple colour was used as a background and often paired with the molecular pattern seen throughout the site. The bright colour was used as a link colour and in a limited way as not to compete with the purple.

Weston Brain Institute Web Design

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