The World Remembers

The World Remembers is an award winning project produced by Canadian actor and director, R.H. Thomson and lighting designer, Martin Conboy. The purpose of the project is to remember those who were killed during the war and also honour the shared histories of those countries that participated in the war.

The project will mark the centennial anniversary of the First World War by displaying the names of the millions of soldiers, of every nationality, who died on both sides of the conflict. From 2014 to 2018, the names of the fallen soldiers’ will be projected on public buildings and in schools. Each name will be shown for 25 seconds in participating countries, online and on mobile devices. This project was created through ecentricarts inc..

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Web Design and App

The inspiration for the design came from the incredibly moving photography that was to be featured on the site. Our goal was to make the images the focal point of the site and we took a narrative approach to sharing the sites content. The pale palette of the site is meant to evoke an austere and solemn feeling, while the deep red colour represents mortality. The website features a robust search section that allows users to search for names of the fallen soldiers. This was made possible by the contribution of the WWI names data files from participating countries.

In addition to the website, the project includes a names-display software application that streams the names-display presentation to phones and tablets. The World Remembers ensures that their names will be displayed across the world; on public buildings and on the internet. The presentation is emotional and encourages the viewers to reflect on all of the lives that were lost during the conflict.

The World Remembers Mobile View
The World Remembers Names Display App
The World Remembers Website Design

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