The Duck Cooks

Toivo Heyduck, an up and coming Canadian chef who was recently a competitor on Chopped Canada approached me and PR Specialist, Brandon Wallace to help establish his brand and social media presence.

Having worked in some of Western Canada's top kitchens, Toivo Heyduck moved back to his hometown of Toronto and was ready to create a name for himself in the local food scene. He approached us with the idea of The Duck Cooks and needed help creating a logo and overall look and feel for his brand. In order to gain recognition we worked to establish The Duck Cooks on Twitter and Facebook. On both platforms we gained over 200 followers in under forty-eight hours. We helped establish a tone and posting schedule to keep the streams populated.

The brand was inspired by Toivo’s love for the outdoors and nature overall. He wanted the brand to evoke his rustic, unpolished and local approach to cooking. Therefore, the colour palette contains all earth tones. The logo was inspired by ink stamps and letterpress illustrations. The symbol of the duck is very important to Toivo as it is drawn from his last name and he believe it to be a very proud and noble animal.

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The Duck Cooks Logo

The Duck Cooks Pop-Up Restaurant

On June 2, 2014 Toivo hosted “The Duck Cooks: The Taste of Spring” pop-up restaurant. The event took place at the rustic Fonda Lola Mexican Bistro located on Queen West. In order for the event to come to fruition we needed to find a location, Toivo had to establish a menu and I had to create a promotional poster and a menu for the event. The theme of the event was spring so the designs had to be light, bright and exciting - much like the beginning of spring. The promotional material took on a light look with the use of powder blue and made reference to Spring with subtle flower and nature motifs. The poster was hand lettered and the menu used a combination of hand written inspired fonts. The event sold out within days and helped spread the word about Toivo’s unmistakable talent.

The Duck Cooks Pop Up Restaurant
The Duck Cooks Pop Up Restaurant
The Duck Cooks Pop Up Restaurant
The Duck Cooks Menu

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