Subway vs. LRT Infographic

Which method of public transportation reigns supreme? Why is our city always debating the topic? This infographic visualizes which option is better and why.

This is a school project created for my web design course. The objective of this project was to research a topic and then visualize your findings in the form of an interactive infographic. Information was gathered from various sources and then organized in such a way that it could be easily understood, persuasive and visually appealing. The interaction of the infographic requires the users to further involve themselves with the topic. The idea for the infographic was stemmed from the ongoing debate in Toronto whether the subway or the LRT is the better choice for improving Toronto’s transit system. In short, light rail provides a strong middle ground in capacity, speed, and cost and the tracks signal permanent investment in the neighbourhood while bringing new life to the street. Subways, on the other hand are very expensive to build (estimated by the TTC at about $300 million per kilometer) and they don't always stimulate development above ground. Launch the site to learn more.

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Infographic Introduction


The illustrations in the inforgraphic have a retro feel and were inspired by the look of the Toronto streetcars. I live in a neighbourhood that has a busy streetcar route and have always admired the shape, colours and old-timey feel of the streetcars. The overall design was inspired by vintage TTC advertisements and the TTC’s colour palette.

Infographic Houses
Infographic Cars

Web Design

The final website was created using a smooth scrolling effect and all the information is layed out on one page. In an attempt to keep the users interest and slowly persuade them to see which proposed option is better, I thought I should keep everything on one page and present the information in a story-like format. The hope is that the viewer, after having read all the factual information would realize the LRT is in fact the better choice!

Sub Rosa Vintage thumbnail

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