Located in the eclectic Kensington Market, Organics restaurant offers a wide array of organic, locally sourced and fresh ingredients. The business is integrated into the world of sustaibalitiy, ethics, and compassion.

This was a school project created for a fictitious restaurant located in Kensington Market, Toronto. The project was completed over a six-week period. We were assigned the task of establishing the visual appearance of the brand as well as some identity elements to further establish the brand awareness. The restaurant, Organics was described as being a fully organic restaurant that would cater to the vegetarian and vegan crowds of Kensington Market. The restaurant prided itself on it's commitment to locally sourced ingredients and fresh, beautiful ingredients. The branding is meant to reflect that freshness, and elements of the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, while maintaining and elegant and 'cool' feeling to it.

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Organics Logo


Influenced by the client's organic and farm-to-table ideals, I created a brand identity that captures the essence of rich, lush nature and hand craftedness. Overall colours and tone are inspired by the fresh fruit markets in Kensington Market. The purple comes from the deep aubergine of the eggplant and the yellow from the banana. The wordmark was hand drawn to reflect the artisanal way the food would be prepared and the connection it has to the earth.

Organics Logo
Organics Brand Colours
Organics Fonts

Print Materials

The branding was applied across other collaterals such as business cards, letterheads and envelopes. This exercise was meant to show the flexibility and tangibility of the brand.

Organics Print Material

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