Koala is a Research participant recruitment tool companies can use to find the right people to test their products and services, so they can focus on doing great research.

Koala allows participants to tell companies what they think about their websites or apps and get paid for it and for clients, it is a simple and reliable way to request high quality participants to gain insights into your products or services. No more messing around with recruitment logistics or wading through research participants. We opened up the service up for beta sign ups on the participant side to start growing out participant pool and have had a great response. Additionally, we created a form for potential clients to indicate they'd be interested in a beta and learn other participant filtering criteria they might have. We received approximately 700 participant signups and approximately 650 participant requests from potential clients.

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The Problem & the Solution

To build a great product, you need to research and test with real people but finding people to test with can be difficult, time-consuming, and boring. Furthermore, recruiting via channels like Craigslist means that the quality of your research participants suffers. The solution/service we came up with was Koala. Koala handles all of the recruitment logistics, so you can focus on performing research and building great products. It is the quickest and easiest way to recruit better user research participants. By signing up companies gain access to a large pool of high-quality participants, get participants quicker, and not have to worry about the logistics of the testing. Participants get $50 an hour and get to check out new products/services and tell companies what they think about them.

My responsibilities included, creating materials for screening participants, screening research participants both independently and in collaboration with research teams, cultivating new research participants through social media and other outlets, developing relationships with local organizations and businesses to procure new business leads, and contributing to internal tools and processes for maintaining and extending relationships over time.

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