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Field Guide is a simplified end-to-end user research platform for design teams.

Doing user research is a necessity for any product/design company today. Better understanding your users and how they react to, use and interpret your product is a major competitive advantage. At Heist, research was a integral part of our process and after speaking to dozens of product companies and design agencies, we realized that the toolset for doing good user research was lacking and many teams wanted to do research but did not know where to start. We set out to build a tool that would help maker user research easy, efficient and approachable for any product design company. Irrespective of budget or experience, Field Guide leads you through the research process, from creating a testing plan, to running test sessions, to sharing your learnings with your team and stakeholders, so you can get actionable next steps quickly.

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Support Content

The barrier to entry for user research is prohibitively high and information on how to run user research is hard to find. Throughout the app you will find support content to lead you through the steps for creating your first project, building a discussion guide and summarizing your findings in a final report. Our Guide to Getting Started with User Research can be found on Medium. Using Intercom, we established a live in-app connection to the user. Users can reach out to us at any time if they have questions. We also created a Slack channel so all users can reach out to us there and discuss features they’d like to see.

Field Guide Support Content
Field Guide Support Content

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