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The Canadian Red Cross is the leading humanitarian organization through which people voluntarily demonstrate their caring for others in need. The donate section is an integral part of the website and organization since it allows people to donate funds to the cause.

Our goal was to create a page that presented the donation form upfront in a visual and simple manner; to visualize the text so that users could easily scan and read through the presented information; and to make the act of donating more compelling through the use of imagery and custom icons.

The usability and effectiveness of the previous iteration of the Donate section was tested using the heat mapping technique and user testing. The tests revealed that users found the page too “text heavy”, which caused the users to quickly scroll the page and rarely read through the entire explanatory text. The tests also revealed that people were having trouble donating to the causes they wished to donate to. We knew the form had to be simplified and the benefits of the user’s donation had to be clearly stated.

The testing provided us with a strong foundation for redesigning the experience and look of the page. We knew several things upfront, we had to find a way to present information in a concise and perhaps visual way, that the form had to be simplified and that would should include a “Learn More” tab that would breakdown every appeal to help users better understand where their money would go. This project was created through ecentricarts inc..

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The icons act as a visual breakdown of the statistics relating to each appeal and present more general Red Cross Canada stats. The black and white icons represent the items that the user will be contributing to the cause. This was included to clarify how the donated funds would be used. Providing the users with an example made their help more of a reality. The blue icons represent Red Cross Canada specific stats and were included as an infographical way of presenting the success of Red Cross campaigns. These are meant to further the users trust in the brand.

Red Cross Impact Icons
Red Cross Price Point Icons

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